Updated NCHD Guidance

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August 30, 2022


To Whom It May Concern,


Newton County Health Department COVID-19 guidelines are as follows:


COVID-19 Isolation


▪ A person who is positive for COVID-19 shall isolate for a period of five (5) days from date of first symptoms or, if asymptomatic, from date of positive test.
▪ After five (5) days, if person is fever free for previous 24hrs and either symptom free or symptoms are improving, he/she may return to normal activities on day six (6). 
▪ If symptoms persist at day five (5) or if a fever persists, person shall continue to isolate until fever free for 24hrs and symptom free or symptoms improving.


COVID-19 Exposure


▪ Anyone who is a contact to a positive COVID-19 case should monitor for symptoms for five (5) days from initial exposure but does NOT have to quarantine and may continue normal activities.
The Newton County Health Department is available to answer questions and provide consultation. Please call (417) 346-5459 for assistance.




Larry Bergner