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If you have a comment, question, or concern, please contact Dr. Laura Weaver at 417-325-7321 (ext. 5001) or email her at [email protected].

Dr. Weaver is the District Liaison for Special Education, Section 504, Homeless, Foster Care, English Language Learners, Homebound, and Title IX.

Special Education

Procedural Safeguards <-- Click on link

Parent Bill of Rights <-- Click on link

The Parent's Guide <-- Click on link

Public Notice <-- Click on link

504 Plans

Procedural Safeguards 504 Notice <-- Click on link

504 Procedures <-- Click on link

Section 504 Compliance <-- Click on link


Educating Missouri's Homeless Children <-- Click on link

FERPA Notice

FERPA Notice <-- Click on link

Community Resources

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