Asbestos Notification

By Julie Prewitt on September 25, 2007

Annual Notification to Parents and Employees

To Parents and Employees:

Asbestos is an issue we have been dealing with for many years. The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (referred to as AHERA) was enacted by Congress in 1987. AHERA was enacted to determine the extent of and develop solutions for any problems schools may have asbestos.

We continue to have our facility inspected by the Asbestos Program Manager and their representatives. In addition a certified Inspector inspects the facility every three years as required by AHERA. All areas at this time are in a good condition (non-friable) and show no change.

A copy of the asbestos management plan is available for your inspection in our administrative offices during regular office hours. Our Asbestos Program Manager will answer all inquiries regarding the plan.

We will continue to implement the asbestos management plan. We are intent on not only complying with, but also exceeding federal, state and local regulations in this area. We plan on taking whatever steps are necessary to insure your children and our employees have a healthy, safe environment in which to learn and work.