Insect Collection

by Richard Curran

Insect Collection
Students should collect the specified number of insects for the following orders. Insects may not be duplicated, they must be pinned according to the instructions provided by your instructor.
The following are the orders with the number of each insect to be collected beside the order
3 Lepidoptera - 2 butterflies 1moth
5 Coleoptera - beetles
3 orthoptera - grasshoppers, cricket and mantids (1 of each species)
1 Homoptera - ciccada (you may know these as locusts)
2 hemiptera - true bug ( true bugs are identifiable by the x cross wings)
3 hymenoptera - bee's, wasps, and ants
2 odanata - dragonfly and damselfly

Any of the above orders maybe substituted with the appropriate number of insects in the new order or substitute order. ie diptera, plecopter etc. Insects may not be mixed. If you use another order than the ones above, then the you may not have a partial mix of the order, ie 3 coleoptera and 2 diptera.

For those of you wanting an early start during the summer break, may want to visit the following sites. this site will provide some information as far as pin location, how to point mount insects to small to pin and other useful material about where to find insects etc.
Use this website for information on utilizing a killing jar, how to use a spreading board and how to identify and labeling.

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